The Kids Play Bus is a party play zone on wheels - Hire now and bring the party to you! - Absolute LimosOrganising a kid’s party is something that can be a stressful experience for many parents. Having the party at home is a risk, as children running around everywhere are a recipe for disaster and accidents. On the other hand, hiring out a venue and getting caterers and entertainment in can be an expensive affair that many parents simply cannot afford to do. There is one solution, however, and this is to hire out the Kid’s Play Bus and let the party come to you without risking damage to your home or belongings.

The Kid’s Play Bus is a children’s party on wheels, as it offers everything you need to ensure that your child and his or her friends have the most fantastic and memorable time. This is a unique experience that every child will love and provides you with a great way of throwing a party for your child in a fun and exciting environment that is specifically designed to cater for this type of event. There is something for every child to enjoy on the Kids’ Play Bus, which is why this is such an excellent choice for any parent that wants to throw a wonderful party while enjoying increased ease and convenience.

Enjoy a host of games aboard the Kids Play Bus

The Kids Play Bus is a party play zone on wheels - Hire now and bring the party to you! - Absolute LimosThe Kid’s Party Bus has everything on board that you need for a wonderful party for your child, with a host of activities and games available. The games that are onboard combine safety with fun, so your child can really enjoy having a good time. Some of the activities and games you will find on the bus include ball pools, slides, ladders, platforms, Kee Bee Pads, cargo nets, and more.

If you would like to bring your group to your next party in our Amazing Kids Play Bus, Absolute Limos will get you all there in comfort and safety. It’s super easy to hire a luxury limo, wedding car or party bus, so click here to book now, or contact us at or 087 122 -3532 / 087 933-3378.